Frequently Asked Questions

What is JustCabbie?

JUSTCABBIE IS a revolution in taxi, executive cars and minibuses bookings. We are a nationwide network of licensed minicabs, chauffeur driven exec cars and minibuses with a huge fleet of over 26000 licensed vehicles across the Uk.we are committed to offer you a reliable and easy to book service no matter wherever you are in the Uk.

Are the cabs, chauffeur cars and minibuses on your service licensed?

This is our strict policy that all our operators for cabs, chauffeur cars and minibuses must be fully licensed and regulated by the relevant licensing authorities which means that they can only dispatch the licensed drivers and vehicles. We would appreciate if you could rate the driver and company once the journey has been completed. We regularly review our network of operators so your feedbacks and comments are highly important..

What if I have any additional requirements, for example additional pick ups or child seats etc?

Please make sure that you mention any additional requirements while booking your journey. You can do so by inputting the details of any special requirements in the Additional information box.

Can I make additional stops on the route, i.e. additional pick ups/drop offs?

Yes, you can input additional pickups or dropoffs when booking your journey on our website.

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit/debit card by booking online or over the phone. We accept all major cards.

By card:
You may choose to pay by credit/debit card.

You may choose to pay by Paypal.

You may choose to pay cash to the driver

How can I see the cab/chauffeur/minibus company’s details?

Once you have booked a journey with us, you will get the cab/chauffeur/minibus company’s details including the phone number and email address. Incase you have any additional or special requirements, please contact the cab/chauffeur/minibus company on the details provided.

Who should I contact regarding any issue about my booking, particularly if it is of urgent nature?

You can contact your allocated cab/chauffeur/minibus operator anytime if you have any booking related queries.If you still have an issue or enquiry, you can contact us via the “Contact us” form. You can also contact us by ringing the phone number stated on the website.

How do I cancel my booking?

You cannot cancel your booking directly with the cab/ chauffeur/ minibus company. You can only cancel it via the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website. If you don’t do this, neither the cancellation nor a refund will be processed on our central system. Our cancellation and refund policy supersedes any cancellation or refund policy the cab/ chauffeur/ minibus operator may have.

Cancellation Policy:

Early Cancellation Policy:

You have the right to cancel your booking if you wish to do so and you will get a full refund excluding any possible fee for credit card payments (if you have paid by card), otherwise the booking is simply cancelled if you are paying by cash.

Late Cancellation Policy:

Once your driver has been dispatched from the base office, no refund will be issued (if you paid by card) and if you are paying by cash, your profile will be marked which may prevent you from making future bookings.

Waiting time policy:

Non-Airport pick up:

In cases of a non-airport pick up, your driver must wait for you for upto 10 minutes free of charge. After this a waiting charge of 30 pence per minute will be applied however the driver is not obliged to wait for more than 10 minutes.

Waiting time policy-Airport pick up:

In case of an airport pick up, the driver will wait for you free of charge for 40 minutes once your flight has landed. After this a waiting charge of 30 pence per minute will be applied however the driver will leave 60 minutes after the flight has landed and if he has not heard anything from you.

Important information regarding airport pick ups:

Please make sure that you provide your flight number and flight origin in additional information box as this is required to monitor your flight’s landing time, without the flight number, the driver will only wait for 30 minutes after the actual booking time and if during this 30 minutes period he has not heard anything from you, he will leave and the journey will be classed as completed.
Please note that you are required to contact the driver at the number provided soon after the flight has landed-before you collect your luggage. At this stage, the driver will tell you exactly where he is waiting for you.

What happens if your driver is late for a pickup or he does not show at the pick up point?

This should never happen as our Terms & Conditions with cab/ chauffeur/ minibus operators state that if the driver is more than 15 minutes late or 30 minutes if the pickup is an airport then you are entitled to a full refund of your original payment (if you originally paid by card).
Any claims for additional compensation will be between you and the cab/ chauffeur/ minibus operator as “JustCabbie” is just the booking agent. However, if the driver turns up late and you still decide to depart with him even if beyond the initial 15 minutes (or 40 minutes, if from an airport) you are waiving the right to this refund (if you have paid by card). You and the operator will have each other’s telephone number and email address, so we expect you both to resolve any issues directly by contacting each other.


If due to any reason the original operator cannot fulfil your booking, then we will attempt to allocate your booking to an alternative Licensed cab/ chauffeur/ minibus operator at no extra cost.