Terms & Conditions
8 Aug 2015

1 By booking your journey with us you agree to the terms and conditions stated below. If you are not booking on your own behalf, then your acceptance of the terms will be on behalf of the person for whom you are making the booking. It is assumed that by doing so, you have their expressed authority to be their representative.

2 Definitions of key words

2.1 Throughout the following terms and conditions, the words and phrases below are defined unless specified otherwise at the time of mention.
2.1.1 Agreed Collection Point The place where you have stated your pick-up should take place.
2.1.2 Agreed Time The time that you have designated for your pick-up to occur.
2.1.3 Booking The trip ordered by the buyer via the website. This may or may not include a return journey, or more than one trip.
2.1.4 Card If you have chosen to pay electronically or over the phone, this is the credit or debit card used whilst the booking is being made.
2.1.5 Cash The payment given in return for the service ordered.
2.1.6 Details The information given by yourself to enable the driver to pick you up at the correct place and designated time.
2.1.7 Fare The payment given for the journey undertaken.
2.1.8 Licensing Authority Any authority, whether locally or nationally, that is responsible for the licensing of taxi/chauffeur/minibus companies.
2.1.9 Particular Requirements Any additional needs or preferences that may differ from the norm, which should be mentioned at the time of booking.
2.1.10 Personal Data The information that you have provided to us during your booking, which may include contact details and your location. 2.1.11 Quote A suggestion of a price for your trip, which you accept by making the booking final.

3 Using the Website

3.1 By choosing to book through this website, you have the responsibility of ensuring that any details that you give are correct. If there are any incorrect details, you must take full responsibility for these.
3.2 This website acts as a booking agent and not as an operator. The contract is between you and the company who carries out/fulfillsyour journey.
3.3 By making the booking, you are giving your confirmation that you are over the age of eighteen, and legally able to do so.
3.4 We may not be able to provide you with the service that you require, and as such we reserve the right to cancel any bookings made by yourself at any time. Any fees paid for services not delivered will be refunded to you.
3.5 All data and personal information will be recorded for the purpose of your booking, however this will not be disclosed to third parties without express permission.
3.6 By visiting our website, you may receive a small file called a cookie to your computer. This means that we are able to track your website activity in order to enable us to improve the service for users in the future. This is the only way that your information will be used. If you wish to prevent this, your computer settings will give you the option of doing so, however you may find that it makes some parts of the website less than fully functional. If required by law, your personal data may be passed onto government officials.
3.7 If you do not want us to contact you with information about the booking that you have made, please unsubscribe from our mailing list.

4 Bookings

4.1 After you have given details of the trip that you wish to take, any quotes given are only applicable at the time of booking, and cannot be accessed at a later date.
4.2 You must ensure and confirm that all details given are correct before booking. You must agree that your booking is not complete until you have received confirmation.
4.3 If you make a booking with a third party, you may find that they have terms and conditions that must also be followed. Where there are conflicting terms in third party documents and the document for this website, this website will override anything else, at all times.
4.4 If a third party wishes you to follow their terms and conditions, it is their responsibility to make you aware of these.
4.5 We cannot confirm whether or not third parties will be able to accommodate any personal and detailed requirements that you may have with regards to your booking. If you are concerned about this then we recommend that you book directly through the company in question.
4.6 If errors occur on the website, for example with pricing, we reserve the right to correct these as and when needed. If you do not wish to use the service that you have booked based on the corrected price, you have the right to cancel your booking and receive a full refund without being obliged to make another booking.
4.7 Although we are able to help with complaints that you may have, any legal issues with your booking shall be between you and the company in question, not us.
4.8 If you have chosen to pre-pay on a card, we reserve the right to collect your money before the journey takes place, and pass it onto the company dealing with your booking.
4.9 Where and when appropriate, we reserve the right to transfer the contract to another company if the initial one can no longer deal with your request as stated via our website.


5.1 If you choose to pay by card, your payment must be made when you confirm your booking, before the journey is taken. If you pay by cash then you will pay the driver at the start or end of your journey, depending on their policy.
5.2 When you have finalised your booking, you will be unable to change it unless the booking was cancelled by the company.
5.3 If your card is declined during payment, your booking will not take place.
5.4 When your booking is confirmed, you will be sent an email to the address that you provided as proof of this.
5.5 The amount that you pay will not include any additional items, for example child restraints. Unless you state that these are needed before you confirm your booking, they may incur a further charge from the company – particularly when any additional needs result in a larger vehicle being needed than was booked.
5.6 If you change any part of the required route during your journey time, you may need to pay an extra charge to the driver as a result of this.
5.7 All quotes that you receive include card payment charges.
5.8 If you are booking with a voucher or code from a promotion or prize, you must be aware that you may only use one of these per booking. If you have two, the one of higher value may be used at the discretion of ourselves.

6 Insurance

6.1 You must take all responsibility for yourself and your belongings for the duration of your trip. Any damage that occurs will not be covered by the company, and you will be responsible for all such damage to your possessions.

7 Cancellations and Refunds

7.1 It is your right to cancel any booking that you make via the website.
7.2 In order to cancel a booking, you must fill out a request form stating your request. You should follow the instructions available on the website relating to the form.
7.3 If you cancel your booking more than half an hour before the start of your trip, you will be entitled to a refund if you have already made your payment via a card. If you cancel a trip after your driver has been dispatched for your pick up, you will not be eligible for a refund. In addition to this, you may not be able to make bookings with us in the future as the account that you hold with us will be marked.
7.4 If your transport fails to arrive within 25 minutes of the time agreed, you will be able to claim a full refund including any card fees that you may have incurred. If you decide to go ahead with the journey despite the delay, then you will no longer be able to claim any refund of the fee paid.
7.5 If you are not at the agreed collection point within a period of 5 minutes of the time agreed in your booking, then this will be treated as a late cancellation, and you will not be able to claim any kind of refund on your booking. You may also be liable for a waiting fee if the driver had to wait for a period of time, and this may include charges that they had to pay for parking.
7.6 If you have paid for your booking in advance via a credit or debit card, any refunds will be paid back to the same card, and may take up to twelve business days to arrive back in your account.

8 Warranty and Liability Limitation

8.1 All companies have informed us that they are licensed to complete the booked journeys, however we shall not be held responsible for any need to check that this is correct information. If you wish, you may contact the companies on your own behalf.
8.2 We are not responsible for any delay in service from the companies. They are responsible for meeting the needs of the customer as described in the booking.
8.3 We cannot be held responsible for any loss on your part which is caused by the company responsible for your booking. Any claim that may be relevant should be taken up with the company in question.
8.4 The aggregate liability of ourselves for any claims which may arise shall not exceed £500.
8.5 Where an estimate of trip duration is provided this is only an indication, and may not take into account the preferred route of the driver, or any weather or road conditions that may affect the journey time. We advise that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have left enough time for your journey with these potential factors considered, particularly if you have onward travel arrangements, for example a train or a flight.
8.6 We may choose to update the status of your booking via text message or email alerts depending on the information that you provided to us alongside your booking. Although we send this information, we cannot be held responsible for ensuring that it has been delivered, and cannot therefore be liable for any loss due to the non-deliverance of these messages.

9 Behaviour

9.1 All behaviour for the duration of your journey must be appropriate and respectful. We reserve the right to end your journey at any time if this fails to be the case and where behaviour may affect the ability of the driver to drive safely. We do not take responsibility for any additional costs that may occur due to a journey being cancelled as a result of dangerous or disrespectful behaviour.
9.2 No alcohol can be consumed in any vehicle during your trip, and alcohol will not be allowed into the vehicle where the intention is to consume it during the journey.
9.3 If you appear to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, the company has the right to refuse entry to the company vehicle.

10 Limitations and Exclusions

10.1 Companies will not carry or deliver.
10.2 Money or items of value deemed to be greater than a sum of £50.
10.3 Anything that may be hazardous, flammable or dangerous, and anything that is not legal to own under the law of the land.
10.4 Types of goods that may be damaged during the journey.
10.5 The company will take no responsibility for any damage that occurs when items have been transported against these terms. This includes any loss that occurs as a result of damage, and any breakages of items that are not permitted to be inside the vehicle.
10.6 The company does not take responsibility for any type of breakdown or accident, or any weather conditions that may affect the journey time or availability.
10.7 Where a customer omits to give vital information about needs or items being carried in transit, the company can take no responsibility.
10.8 No responsibility can be taken for anything beyond the control of the company, and this includes and is not limited to any strike or legal action, floods and fires, acts of God, or issues relating to war, invasion and hostilities.
10.9 The clauses above are in relation to the loss of goods in transit, and are not relevant to issues relating to death or a personal injury.

11 Disputes

11.1 If you have an issue with the service that you have received from the company who dealt with your booking, you should get in touch with them directly within a period of 24 hours after your journey took place.
11.2 If you have reported your issue, and are not able to solve it with the company, then get in touch with us and submit the details of your issue. This must be done within 72 hours of your journey time, or any claim that you wish to make may not be valid.
11.3 If we are not able to solve your dispute to a level that you are happy with, you have the right to take a claim to a third party service. However, when they have reached their decision, you agree that this is final, and will be the end of the matter.
11.4 If a dispute takes place between yourself and the company responsible for your booking, we cannot take any responsibility for any claims or damages that may come to light as a result of the dispute.

12 Privacy Policy:

12.1 We will protect all personal information that you send to us whilst you are making your booking. We won’t share any of this with anybody without you having given your expressed consent. If this privacy policy changes, you will be notified clearly of the changes via the website.

13 Miscellaneous

13.1 By accepting these terms and conditions, you surrender any previous agreement that you have made in relation to a current or previous booking. No other arrangement will be valid once these terms have been accepted and confirmed.
13.2 If either party should fail to enforce a claim, rights may be waived to the claim in question.
13.3 Any official correspondence to us must be made in writing.
13.4 If we need to get in touch with you for any reason, we shall notify you via the email address that you supplied us with when you signed up. We cannot accept any responsibility for the failure of these emails to arrive.
13.5 The terms and conditions in this agreement will be governed by English Law. By accepting these terms, you agree to submit any dispute that you may have under English courts, however we reserve the right to take any necessary proceedings against you in another court of law should we sit fit to do so.