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We always respect the privacy & confidentiality rights of our website visitors/users, customers and recognize the importance of protecting your personal/confidential information at all times. Here’s our Privacy Policy that tells how we collect, store, and use the confidential data/information that you provide to us in order to fulfill your order/booking. This information is provided by JustCabbie LTD, that enables our online visitors to be fully informed of our Privacy Policies/terms of usage. By visiting www.JustCabbie.co.uk, you accept and consent to the practices stated in this Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions.

Protecting our customers’/visitors’ personally identifiable information

We always take reasonable steps to ensure the security, integrity & privacy of our visitors’/customers,/users’ information.

What type of personal/confidential information do we collect and how?

JustCabbie collects personal information when you make an online/telephone booking or register for a service offered by JustCabbie. By registering/making the booking, you are consenting to the collection of your personal/confidential information/data/details. If you decide to book a trip/journey with us, we have to collect/hold your personal/confidential details/information including your name, phone number(s), email address(es), pickup/collection address(es), destination/drop off address(es) and the debit/credit card details including the billing address(es) in order to process and fulfill your booking as agreed in the best possible way. Your personal/confidential data including your card details will ‘never’ be shared with third parties and will only be used to process your booking/order. We may obtain data/information as a result of the authentication or the identity checks. In order to fulfill your booking/order, we only pass on the necessary personal information to the transport service providers/taxi, private hire operators which usually includes the pickup & destination addresses, your phone number, journey date & time etc however we ‘NEVER’ share your payment/bank/card details to the transport service providers. Your personal/confidential information may be disclosed to a fraud prevention agency, where there is a legal obligation to do so, we may disclose your information to the relevant regulatory authority/body. We may also use your personal information for our internal marketing studies and analytics, together with non-personal data to monitor the visitor/customer/user patterns so we can continue to improve our service and our website, this information can never be of a private nature that can personally identify you. We do NOT sell or pass our customers’ or visitors’ details to any third parties for any kind of marketing or promotional purposes.

Our role

We are not a transport operator, we are a digital platform and we connect our customers to the local transport service providers by ensuring that our valued customers are very well looked after at all times. We allocate your bookings to the best available transport service providers and most of the times our fares are significantly lower than lots of other transport service providers. Our discounted deals can be up to 70% lower than other providers.

We operate a secure website with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption

We use SSL certificate/license on our website that ensures the encryption of our visitors’/customers’ information before this information is sent to us.

Still have questions or complaints?

If you have any comments or complaints, please do not hesitate to email us at bookings@justcabbie.co.uk and we will love to help you.